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Dental crown Northridge benefits

Sometimes it is necessary to cover a tooth to preserve its strength, size, shape or simply to recover the tooth’s appearance. The cover is called a cap or dental crown and fully encapsulates the portion of the tooth you see, including above the gum line.

Dental crown in Northridge

Some of the most common reasons you may need a crown include:

• Tooth protection – Sometimes a tooth weakens, perhaps from tooth decay. A crown can hold the parts of a fractured tooth together to prevent it from breaking or weakening further.

• Tooth restoration – A worn-down tooth is at risk of causing further dental problems and may not look aesthetically pleasing. A worn down tooth can be crowned to prevent further deterioration of the tooth.

• Support a tooth with a large filling – When a tooth has a large filling there isn’t much tooth left to support the structure. A crown gives the tooth the support to remain intact.

• Bridge support – A dental bridge is placed when a tooth is missing, perhaps from extraction. In order to support the bridge, the tooth on either side of the bridge will require a crown to hold the bridge in place.

• Cover teeth – A crown can cover teeth that are either severely discolored, misshaped teeth or a dental implant.

For a child who has trouble with dental care (for multiple reasons) and at risk of losing a tooth early due to tooth decay or other damage, may benefit from a crown to cover the primary tooth until the permanent tooth grows in. The crown will naturally fall out with the primary tooth.

A crown can be made of several different materials. Depending on your needs, where the tooth is located and the costs, you can decide, with the dentist, which material is best suited for you. Types of crowns include:

• Stainless steel crowns

• Gold alloy metal or a base-metal alloy (nickel or chromium) – Strong biting resistant materials and may be longest lasting when it comes to wearing down. Because these are metallic in color, they are typically most used for back molars.

All-resin – the least expensive of the crowns and can wear down more easily than any other crown material.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal – A fairly popular crown-type and can be matched to your natural tooth color. They can wear the opposing teeth down more than the metal or resin-made crowns. Although they may be the most natural looking crowns, over time the underlying metal may show through under the crown or around the gum. Typically a better crown choice for back teeth.

All-ceramic – Made to look more like your natural teeth than other crowns but not quite as strong as porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns and can wear down opposing teeth or chip.

Dental Crown Northridge

Crowns have many benefits for helping you complete your dental care and giving you a healthier mouth and teeth. With the aid of a crown, you can save your tooth and prevent further damage of a tooth. With the more natural-looking crowns, your smile will be unchanged which gives you the confidence to show it.

If you think you may be in need of a crown and looking for high-quality dental care, look to Dr. Barkhordar, one of the best when it comes to crowns. He can counsel you on the best type of crown for your particular needs but is highly qualified in completing the entire crown procedure.

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