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Important Facts About Dental bonding Northridge

Bonding teeth is easy to perform without any pain, plus it is the least expensive type of cosmetic dental procedures. Dental bonding is the act of applying a natural looking, tooth-colored composite resin to repair a chipped, fractured or discolored tooth. This dental procedure is called “bonding” because the resin bonds to the teeth. Dentists enjoy working with material because it can be shaped and polished to match the remaining teeth, which is why bonding is a popular cosmetic procedure. Bonding resin can also be used to hide gaps or spaces between the teeth or to change the shape or color of teeth. There are times when the bonding procedure can be used as a filling alternative or it can be used to protect a part of a tooth’s root that is exposed, especially when gums begin to recede.

As careful as we try to be, sometimes our teeth can develop cosmetic problems, such as chipping a tooth playing sports, or our teeth may develop a slight discoloration which occurs with age, daily mastication, or other oral problems. A dental bonding procedure can be performed on children and adults. A few basic reasons for people to go through a bonding procedure consists of the following:

‪• covers up discoloration
• repairs bad teeth with tooth-colored resin
• re-shape teeth to match the rest of the teeth
• fills in small gaps
• repairs chips or cracks in teeth
• re-forms teeth if their size is uneven
• greatly improves oral appearances.

Dental Bonding Northridge

Having your teeth bonded with amalgam is about a 30 minute to an hour process, from beginning to end. There is no need for anesthesia unless your dentist is using the resin to fill a cavity or a hole in a tooth. The process is painless and simple. The dentist will coat the tooth being worked on with a conditioning liquid, like phosphoric acid, which is very gentle. This liquid adheres to the tooth, enabling the amalgam resin to bond to the tooth. After the tooth has been prepared, the amalgam resin is applied, molded, shaped, and smoothed. Modern technology has given dentists effective, safe tools to use, such as an ultraviolet light or a laser to help harden the resin on the tooth. The final steps are to trim and shape the bonded tooth or teeth, then it is polished, then voila – you are done!

When you consult with your dentist, they will determine the extent of dental bonding that you may need. A dentist will conduct a thorough examination to evaluate your teeth and gums, to make sure that you are eligible for bonding. To keep a beautiful smile and to maintain a healthy oral environment, visiting the dentist for regular check-ups, cleaning, and exams, should help keep teeth in good condition. Many patients like dental bonding because there are no major reconstruction treatments, plus it can be reversed. Dental bonding is a very versatile procedure which can be done solely or in conjunction with other cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments, most commonly, teeth whitening, dental bridges, and dental crowns.

If you are concerned about caring for your teeth, just take the necessary steps, as advised by Dr. Barkhordar to keep your teeth in good shape. As a top family dentist in the area, he takes excellent care of his client’s oral health. If bonding is needed, then Dr. Barkhordar, through a scheduled appointment, will help to take care of any teeth problems, that you may encounter. Remember, that bonding a tooth helps you keep your beautiful smile, plus bonding usually lasts three to ten years, with periodic touch-ups by Dr. Barkhordar. If you are interested in dental bonding, please schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Barkhordar so that he can perform a full analysis of your cosmetic dental bonding needs.

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