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Quality Dental fillings in Northridge

Dental fillings are one of the most common dental procedures carried out by dentists today. It is quite unusual to have a mouth that is free of fillings, in fact, recent surveys have revealed that around 92% of the population have experienced decay in at least one tooth.

When a dentist performs an examination in your mouth, one of the things that he is looking for is signs of decay. If he identifies areas where there are cavities, he will advise that the decayed area is removed and the resulting hole in the tooth is replaced with a filling material.

There are several types of filling available for patients to select from, depending on the amount that they want to spend and the look that they are hoping to achieve. In the past, the most common filling material was amalgam, however, this is now being rejected by many patients who are looking for a more natural appearance.

Dental fillings Northridge

Our office uses a new, easy, and painless method for fillings that only requires a minimal amount of drilling. We use sodium diamine fluoride which turns decay into a black stone and in turn stops the cavity right away. Then a filling is placed over this and the procedure is all done! Not only is this pain free and efficient but is also FDA approved and has proven to be an advantageous method. This is also great for children or anyone else who may have a fear of drilling

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Not so long ago, some patients were concerned about receiving amalgam fillings because of their mercury content, however in 2009, the Food and Drug Administration carried out an investigation and proved that they pose no more of a risk than other types of fillings. Although amalgam is still used as an acceptable filling material by dentists today, it is nevertheless falling out of favor because of its metallic appearance which makes it extremely noticeable. This may not be a problem if the back teeth require filling, but it is unattractive in teeth further forward in the mouth. Therefore, often a porcelain or composite resin filling is the preferable option.

Composite fillings have been available to patients since the 1960s, however, advances in dentistry have resulted in great improvements in the materials used for this type of filling. In the past, composite fillings were not as strong as they are today, but now they are widely accepted to be extremely durable and suitable for use in all teeth, front and back, and for both large and small cavities. There are many advantages to composite fillings, the most important being that they have a more natural coloring and can be matched to the shade of the patient’s existing teeth.

Dental fillings Northridge CA

Other types of filling are also available, including porcelain and gold, depending on the preference and budget of the patient. When preparing a patient for a filling, the dentist uses an anesthetic injection so that they experience no pain during the procedure. Once the affected area has been numbed, a drill is used to remove all decayed areas of the tooth and then the filling is put in place. Dentists are able to fill very large areas, and thanks to modern dentistry can rebuild several surfaces of the tooth so that it retains its natural appearance and functions completely normally.

If you think that you need a filling and are looking for a high-quality dentist to perform the procedure for you, Dr. Barkhordar should be your first choice, guaranteeing you the very highest standards of dental care.



There can even be hidden decay under an old siver filling. Dr. Barkhordar will upgrade to white fillings or crowns and try to save the tooth from a possible root canal.

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