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Teeth cleaning Northridge procedure

Everyone wants to have clean teeth. There are various benefits to keeping your teeth spic and span. There are health benefits, social benefits, and several other benefits. Having clean teeth can make people feel better about themselves, leading them to live more fulfilled lives. While brushing your teeth is an incredibly important aspect of having clean teeth, it is also necessary to visit a dentist every six months so that they can clean off tartar on your teeth, which is plaque that builds up on your teeth that your toothbrush is unable to get.

Teeth cleaning Northridge

There are several steps to this professional teeth cleaning that your dentist or dental hygienist does. The three common steps are tooth scaling, tooth polishing, and debridement. The first of these procedures, tooth scaling, is when the dental hygienist actually removes the plaque from your teeth. He or she also removes any by-products of plaque that have the potential to cause long-term damage. The second step in the tooth cleaning is tooth polishing. During this step, the dental hygienist ensures that the surface of the tooth is particularly smooth so that plaque build-up is less likely. For this step, a small rubber cup and a rough compound are used to smooth the teeth and get rid of all of the bumps. If a significant amount of plaque or tartar has built up on the teeth, it may be necessary to go through the process of debridement. This process essentially removes plaque and tartar that is specially built up. Depending on how built up the plaque and tartar are, there is a variety of methods used. Sometimes dental hygienists opt to use ultrasounds, which break up the tartar, which can then me removed. Sometimes debridement is done manually and the built-up tartar is chipped away using hand tools. Other times a saline solution is used to make the tartar disappear.

There are many advantages to having your teeth cleaned. One of the most prominent is that it greatly reduces your risk of getting gingivitis, a gum disease that has devastating effects on your overall health. It increases the risk of gum cancer and can shorten your life by about a decade if you develop it. Other benefits of getting your teeth cleaned regularly include a decreased risk of developing cavities, a lesser chance of tooth loss, and having much fresher, better smelling breath.

If you are interested in getting your teeth professionally cleaned in order to supplement the cleaning that you do at home, give Dr. Barkholder a call. He is one of the best dentists available and he provides excellent teeth cleaning services.

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